We strive to support our customers in all phases of a navigation project.

For an easy start hardware is provided with configured and parameterized software ready to run. Calibration of machine specific parameters is usually done with the Monitoring tool over a remote connection to the AGV at the customers site. Navigation logs can be retrieved for further analysis at the office.

Education in environment teaching, building of a map and route design can also be done remotely. If additional support is needed a mapping project can be retrieved to the office for modification and sent back to the customer. If desired, support can also be given hands on at the customers site.

The Fleet Control is delivered as an installer packet. Support and education are given remotely or on site as desired.

The key to a smooth commissioning of a system is to test planned transportation schemes well before going to site. Whole factory layouts can easily be built beforehand and tested with simulated customer machines in our production simulator.