Navitrol navigation

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Fleet Navigation

Fleet Navigation to achieve optimal traffic flow, monitoring and safety as well as best task predictability, management and execution traceability.

  • Connectivity to MES/WMS
  • Virtual tags for vehicle I/O management (fork, lift, conveyor, etc) and factory I/O management (doors, robot cells, etc)
  • Destination point and route properties for additional task management.
  • Coordination of multiple task management sources; on-board UI, work cell UI, fleet control clients, MES/WMS
  • Coordination of special driving situations; formation driving, obstacle by-passing
  • Natural feature based, reflector o hybrid positioning
  • Different vehicle types; steer drive, differential, omnidirectional and mecanum.
  • Multiple communication and control interfaces; serial, Ethernet, CAN.
  • Interfaces to various scanner types, motor controllers and sensors.
  • Efficient tools for map building, route design, performance testing and parameter setting.
Navitec Systems

Stand-alone Navigation

Navigation for single AGV or limited area applications with no need for traffic control or centralized task management. Also suitable for multiple AGVs if controlled by a customer fleet control.

  • Typical applications are repetitive loops with predefined destinations and Hold-Release functionality at the destinations.
  • Task control can include on-board drive ordering from the AGV display or PLC. Task management can also be defined with virtual tags, and route properties.
  • Natural feature based, reflector based or hybrid positioning.
  • Different vehicle types; steer drive, differential drive, omnidirectional and mecanum.
  • Multiple communication and control interfaces.
  • Interfaces to various scanner types, motor controllers and sensors.
  • Efficient tools for map building, route design and performance testing.
Navitec Systems


Positioning is intended for customers who already have their own vehicle control, route handling and task management.

  • Positioning communicates with the vehicle controller to get raw position data and sends corrected position data back to the controller.
  • Positioning is well suited to add the flexibility of natural feature based positioning to OEM autonomous vehicle solutions.
  • Positioning uses the same natural feature based, reflector based or hybrid positioning as the other navigation products
  • Positioning provides the same efficient map building and performance testing tools as the other navigation products.

Navigation Add-ons


Navitec Systems

Dynamic mapping

In environments, where most of the static features are obstructed by stacked goods or where very few features are static, the navigation reliability is maintained by continuous mapping of dynamic objects. Areas for dynamic mapping can be freely defined on the map.

Navitec Systems

Precision positioning

If delivery destinations require higher positioning accuracy than normal navigation, those locations can be defined as precision positioning areas. The navigation system then switches to precision positioning when accessing the area.

Navitec Systems

Pallet detection

Pallet detection searches for the exact pallet position in the picking location and plans the picking route to the pallet on the fly.

Meaning, the AGV will automatically correct its path and pick the pallet perfectly without sideshift.

Navitec Systems

Obstacle avoidance

The navigation follows routes, which enables efficient traffic control and produces the most predictable and safe behaviour of the vehicle system. If a route is obstructed, an AGV can temporarily diverge from the route to pass the obstacle.

Navitec Systems

Tool control

Control of a fork, lift table or any other device can be done by the navigation.

Navitec Systems

Formation driving

AGVs can be controlled to navigate in formation, e.g. as single units in assembly lines or as cooperating pairs in special material handling.