Navithor fleet control

The Fleet Control receives MES/WMS transportation tasks and transforms them into intelligently planned drive orders for the AGV fleet. Task reporting and logging ensure a permanent connection to the production and full traceability of the process.

• Task assignment to the AGVs
• Resource optimization
• Traffic control for optimal traffic flow
• Safety area monitoring
• Obstacle avoidance
• Vehicle status and charging state monitoring
• Multiple remote clients for the operators
• Multiple WEB applications for remote monitoring
• Multiple vehicle types in one system

User friendly tools

The Mapping Tool

The Mapping Tool is used to create a positioning map from teach data recorded by an AGV driven in teach mode. A complete map with routes is done in a few steps:

  • Advanced algorithms automatically remove errors in the recorded data.
  • Manual fine tuning of map features (if required). Removal of non-stationary map features.
  • Design of routes and destinations.
  • Definition of production features; wait points, pick points, drop points, charging points, virtual tags, etc.

The Monitoring Tool

The Monitoring Tool is displaying a vehicle on the navigation map including route system. The window on the right side shows performance graphs for the functional analysis of vehicle behaviour.

The Monitoring Tool is a very useful aid for:

  • Navigation parameter tuning.
  • Test driving of vehicles.
  • Verification of generated environments and routes.
  • Definition of production features like wait points, pick points, drop points, charging points, virtual tags, etc.

The Machine Parameter Tool

The Machine Parameter Tool is a graphical tool for defining machine parameters used in the other tools.

It is used to define

  • Parameters affecting route generation properties
  • AGV space requirement
  • AGV appearance on displays