Warehousing and order fulfillment

Regular warehouse, narrow aisle and order fulfilment

Accurate navigation without added infrastructure. Reflectors on pillars are automatically taught into the map.

Pallet detection ensures reliable loading. Tool control can be customized.

Different vehicle types in a smooth traffic flow controlled by the Fleet Control system.

All warehouse operations are connected to the WMS by the Fleet Control.

Small systems or operator controlled picking systems can use stand-alone navigation or the positioning only service.

Navigation types

Fleet navigationStand-alone navigationPositioning

Add-on features

Pallet detectionTool control

Block stacking

In block stacking the goods regularly obstructs the view to walls and other static environment. As stacking positions also vary the environment is continuously changing. Therefore block stacking typically requires Dynamic Mapping for reliable positioning and Pallet Detection for reliable loading.

Navigation types

Fleet navigation

Add-on features

Dynamic mappingPallet detection