Custom engineering

Quite often there are as many ideas about a subject as there are people dealing with it. Therefore, there seldom is a product for every application and usually projects involve some degree of custom engineering. This is good, since it allows customers to start with a standard solution and then diversify their application in their own selected course of specialization.

Typically, minor adaptation projects include addition of hardware like operator display, pendant, special purpose sensors or special tools. The navigation can be adapted to special steering geometries, specific motion patterns or other application related actions.

Special customer projects aim at developing entirely new machines, concepts or control systems. These can be large partnership projects ranging from months to years. Some former projects are described below.


Sandvik AutoMine

Autonomous loaders and dumpers.
Development of natural feature based navigation for mines.

SKB, Swedish Nuclear Waste Management

KBS-3V Vertical deposition machine.

  • Complete control system for manual and automatic waste canister deposition.
  • Deposition of 35 ton canister with 5 mm position accuracy.
  • Natural feature based navigation in deposition tunnels.

SKB Swedish Nuclear Waste Management

Backfill machine for filling deposition tunnels.

Development of

  • machine positioning
  • tunnel shape measurement
  • block position calculation
  • platform levelling
  • robot block handling
  • process control of the unit

SKB Swedish Nuclear Waste Management

KBS-3H Horizontal deposition machine.

Automatic balancing control for water cushion based transportation and deposition of nuclear waste container.

TTS Liftec

95 ton steel slab AGV.
Transponder based navigation.
Laser based pallet detection and driving in under misplaced pallets.

TTS Liftec

Contra container mover.
GPS aided steering over containers.