Assembly & Manufacturing

Feeding assembly line

Moving carts, trolleys and shelves make a highly changing environment around assembly lines and therefore static natural features are scarcely available for positioning. This is where features like Dynamic Mapping help overcoming the lack of map data and Precision Positioning or Pallet Finding enables accurate docking to stations. Obstacle Avoidance is useful when carts are left on driveways.

All is controlled by the Fleet Control to ensure a predictable traffic flow, task management and traceability.

Navigation types

Fleet navigationPositioning

Add-on features

Dynamic mappingPrecision positioningObstacle avoidancePallet detection

AGVs as an assembly line

In order to increase flexibility of assembly lines, the conveyor lines are increasingly replaced by omnidirectional AGVs driving in line formation. An ideal combination of flexible natural feature navigation between the assembly lines and highly controlled formation driving on the assembly line, all managed by the Fleet Control.

Navigation types

Fleet navigation

Add-on features

Formation driving

Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing systems offer a variety of opportunities to increase flexibility by introducing natural feature based navigation, both in transportation and production tasks. Deliveries include anything from small differentially driven material transport AGVs to large omnidirectional tool transporters and highly specialized platforms carrying robots for work execution in distributed locations.

Applications include extensive Fleet Control systems, stand-alone systems and positioning only solutions. Practically all add-on features have been applied in this industry.

Navigation types

Fleet navigationStand-alone navigationPositioning

Add-on features

Dynamic mappingPallet detectionPrecision positioningTool controlFormation driving