InfraFREE-navigation system

InfraFREE navigation system is a part of the AutoMine system of Sandvik. The AutoMine system controls production of a fleet of unmanned loaders or dump trucks in an underground mine. InfraFREE is the navigation and guidance system of AutoMine machines developed by Navitec Systems. InfraFREE is the leading underground navigation system in the world. The positioning offers centimeter range accuracy. It is based on on-board sensors and requires no external beacons for positioning. Advanced control algorithms allow the unmanned loaders to reach sustained driving speed comparable to the performance of manual drivers.

Manual Production Monitoring system (MPM) locates manually driven mining machines and reports about their production. MPM has been developed specially for loaders but it can be adopted to any mining machine. For loaders MPM reports each production cycle with time stamps. A cycle report contains for example information how many tons has been loaded, where it has been loaded and where it has been dumped.

InfraFREE and MPM are in production in: 
  • Australia, North Parkes Mine
  • Australia, Argyle Diamond Mine
  • Australia, Cadia Valley Operations
  • Chile, El Teniente (Pipa Norte and Pilar Norte)
  • South Africa, Finsch Diamond Mine
  • Canada, Williams Mine
  • Canada, Kidd Mine
  • Sweden, Garpenberg
  • Finland, Pyhäsalmi Mine

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