SSAB steel slab AGV


The task of the AGV was to carry heady steel slabs in a steel factory yard. The vehicle had unconventional kinematics, meaning six axles, all pair wise steerable by three bogie structures. The weight of the machine was 17000 kg and its load up to 95000 kg. Additionally, the AGV had to move among other traffic. Therefore special attention was paid to safety.

Four laser scanners were in use to monitor the surroundings of the AGV.  Navigation was based on a fusion of dead reckoning and transponder positioning. The transponders were passive and buried in the ground every 5-10m along the routes of the AGV. Accurate docking under a cassette where steel slabs were stacked was realized with a rear laser scanner.  A wireless communication was used to connect the vehicle control system with the remote control station.

Container mover Contra


Contra was a machine developed for effective transportation of containers in harbor environment. It was not self-propelled but moved by a terminal tractor. The prototype was built by TTS Liftec and the role of Navitec was to develop a positioning and docking functionality. The system was not unmanned but the objective was to make container handling easier and more effective. When approaching a container to be picked, the drive took care of only steering the terminal tractor; the docking system took care of steering the Contra accurately over the container till the picking position. Then the container was automatically picked up and the corresponding information was updated to the container management software. The system assisted the drive also when leaving a container to a predefined position and correspondingly this movement was updated to the container management software.

The positioning system of contra was based on kinematic GPS and a set of other sensor. Thereby the centimeter level accuracy required for picking containers was achieved.