We have developed a laser scanner based measurement system for Fingrid for measuring vibration of rails in an electric station. The rails are cylindrical and less than 20 centimeters in diameter and are suspended at 10 meters height. High winds can cause the rails to vibrate and oscillate causing stress to the structures and a risk of damage. Fingrid wanted to research various solutions for reducing vibration and needed a measurement system for comparing them. Traditional measurement methods could not be used due to high voltage, but instead measurement had to be done from a distance. For this purpose we implemented a measurement system based on a single Sick LMS511 laser scanner positioned on the ground. The system can simultaneously measure the motion of multiple adjacent rails from over 10 meters away with sub centimeter accuracy. The outputs from the system are the locations of the rails and the frequency and amplitude of the vibration in two dimensions. The measurement system communicates with the external system based on the Modbus protocol.