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Sandvik Automine™

InfraFREE navigation system

InfraFREE navigation system is a part of the AutoMine system of Sandvik. The AutoMine system controls the production of a fleet of unmanned loaders or dump trucks in an underground mine. InfraFREE, which is developed by Navitec Systems, is the navigation and guidance system of the AutoMine machines.

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The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management SKB

SKB is responsible for disposal of spent nuclear fuel in a safe way. Navitec Systems has been involved in development of automatic control and autonomous navigation systems for several of the repository machines. The main cases are:

  • Vertical deposition machine
  • Horizontal deposition machine
  • Backfill machine
  • Navithor fleet control system
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Navitec Systems has developed a laser scanner based measurement system for Fingrid for measuring vibration of rails in an electric station.

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TTS Liftec

Navitec Systems has developeded navigation system for a steel slab AGV and a drivers aid for a container mover.

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