Navitrol takes care of positioning and autonomous driving of various types of unmanned machines. The software communicates with the control room supervisory system receiving drive orders and reporting tasks and statuses.

The Navitrol software is modular and consists of the following modules, which can be used together or separately.

We can tailor our navigation software for you specific needs.

Navitrol positioning

  • Universal positioning system consisting of a combination of dead reckoning and an external/supplementary/complementary/supporting positioning system, which together provide accurate global real-time position and orientation information in centimeter-class accuracy for both indoor and outdoor use. The sensor system will be chosen according to the specific application needs for best performance.
    • Dead reckoning positioning based on gyro and odometer measurements.
    • External positioning system based on GPS , laser scanners or RFID tags.
  • Alternatively, positioning based on laser scanners only together with matching the measurement data with the CAD model of the environment.

Available Automation functionalities with Navitrol

  • Definition of driving routes by teaching or interactively drawing on a map on the screen.
  • A position controller to drive a machine accurately along a given route.
  • Controlling the tasks of a machine in synchronization with the position and motion of the machine.
  • Environment monitoring to detect collision risks.
  • Low-level interface to the machine control system via CAN bus or directly to actuators.
  • WLAN -based communication module for data exchange with the control room supervisory system.