Navithor is a software for controlling a fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles – AGV & AGC – and Autonomous Industrial Machinery. Navithor has a server client architecture and several clients can be connected to the system simultaneously. Navithor can control different kinds of vehicles / machines in the same warehouse / production area. The available features of Navithor include task creation, routing and scheduling, collision avoidance, communication with Navitrol, user interface for monitoring production and controlling machines, alarm management and collecting data into a database. Navithor can optionally have interfaces to upper systems like MES and access control systems.

Scheduling and routing generates an optimal route for the vehicle / machines from the current location to the target location taking into account the other traffic on the route. Yielding missions are automatically generated for the vehicles / machines to avoid deadlock situations when necessary.

Collision avoidance inside Navithor is based on both routing and real-time monitoring of safety areas around the vehicles / machines. Navithor is able to slow down and stop vehicles / machines if they are too close to each other. Navithor never commands drive orders to vehicles / machines that would send machines onto a collision course.

Navithor includes the necessary tools for defining a driving / warehouse / production area.

Navithor has originally been developed together with SKB for controlling a fleet of machines working in the nuclear waste repository in Sweden.