Positioning solutions


Do your customers need to locate the work machines manufactured by your company? And would they benefit from the automation of your products? We know the positioning and automation technologies. A combination of positioning and automation has generated the Navitrol Machine Control System, which allows partly or totally unmanned operation of work machines.

Navitrol Navigation System is ideal solution for industry needs or hospitals where autonomous work machines require robust and precise positioning.

Navitrol Machine Control System is a total control software for automating multiple operations of a work machine.

Single Scanner Positioning

Navitec Systems has developed a scanner based positioning system using a single scanner mounted on board a moving vehicle. The position of the vehicle is determined without mounting any tags or artificial references in the working area. Positioning is based on natural features of the environment. In optimal circumstances the positioning accuracy is in the centimeter range. This positioning system can be used to locate moving vehicles, like trucks in their working environment. Setting up the positioning system in a new environment is quick and easy.

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Navithor Fleet control system

Navithor is a software for controlling a fleet of work machines. Navithor has a server client architecture and several clients can be connected to the system simultaneously. Navithor can control different kinds of work machines at the same production area. The features of Navithor include task creation, routing and scheduling, collision avoidance, communication with Navitrol software, user interface for monitoring production and controlling machines, alarm management and collecting data to database. Navithor can optionally have interfaces to other enterprise systems or access control systems.

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Measurement Applications

We have delivered laser scanner systems for both 2D and 3D applications. Contact us if you need interfaces, data-analysing or a complete measurement application!

We have fifteen years of experience using SICK laser scanners in measurement applications.

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