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 Navithor Map Tools

 Navitrol laser scanner in office environment

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Navitrol is a state of the art navigation system designed for Automated Guided Vehicles – AGV & AGC – and Autonomous Industrial Machinery & Robotics.  Navigation is based on detecting natural features of the environment with one or two 2D-laser scanners. Reflectors are also supported for improved positioning when the environment doesn’t provide sufficient natural features. Navitrol produces corrected position information for the control system of vehicle; the typical positioning accuracy is ±1 cm and heading accuracy ±1 degree.

Introducing Navitrol in new areas is fast and easy: The environment is first taught by driving the AGV through the area. Navitrol records the environment and possible reflector positions. The measured environment data is transformed into environment map with the highly automated  Navithor Map Tools-software. All this can be done in a few minutes.

Navitrol Navigation System offers many benefits:

  • The universal navigation solution: Natural feature based or reflector based or mixed navigation with a single system.
  • Safety laser scanners or regular laser scanners can be used for positioning.
  • Easy and fast work area set up – clearly reduced installation time compared to conventional systems.
  • Positioning based on natural features – no need to add infrastructure for positioning.
  • Navitrol can utilize a single reflector for positioning.

Navitrol is offered as a package with computing-hardware or as a software-only solution. The software can be tailored to special customer’s needs. Please contact us for an offer or further information:

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