• VNA (very narrow aisle), warehousing including dock area.
  • Open stacking.
  • Automotive assembly, manufacturing.
  • Hospital systems.
  • Regular and heavy changing environments.

Type of Navigation

  • Natural feature based or reflector based or mixed navigation with a single system.
  • Works with i.e. a safety laser scanner on floor level or a non-laser laser on top of the vehicle or other scanner.

Navigation Software Solutions

Navitrol Navigation

  • Positioning (utilizing scanner + wheel encoders for dead reckoning).
  • Accuracy of ±1cm in position and ±1 degree in heading. Mapping can be done with the regular AGV or AGC. No special mapping laser / survey needed.
  • User friendly mapping software-tool included. Automated reflector detection with user verification.

Navitrol Driving / Route Following

  • Position, speed and steering control (also works with differential drive).
  • The vehicle takes an order for a target destination and drives along the given route to this location.

Navithor Fleet Control

  • Centralized control and traffic management of all vehicles – additional local controls on vehicle optional.

(Navitrol Machine Control is a combination of Navitrol Navigation and Navitrol Driving / Route Following)