Navitec Systems Ltd., established in 1998, is an expert company in navigation and controls. Applications include Positioning / Navigation and Controls of Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Heavy Machinery. Navitec System was founded as a spin off from extensive research in autonomous vehicle technology in Technical Research Center of Finland. We have an extensive experience in various positioning methods and sensor systems, which we have implemented in a different kinds of autonomous vehicles and machinery.

Products and services

Positioning solutions

Do you want to automate your vehicle / machinery or system and make it autonomous? We can tailor our navigation software to exactly fit the needs of your application. We offer anything from positioning to complete control.Read more

Fleet control system

We also have a solution for controlling and supervising an entire fleet of work machines.Read more

Measurement applications

We have delivered laser scanner based systems for both 2D and 3D applications. Navitec can develop and design interfaces, data-analyzing software or a complete measurement system!Read more

Our Customers